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Oh my Great Ghu, Golly Gee, Wow, Gee Whiz, Gosh, Holy Cow!

So I won the big Cheese Weasel sponsored congame at Origins. The prizes were big.. I mean REALLY big!!

Here’s the list:

Board Type Games:
Tet Offensive, 1968: The Turning Point in Vietnam – GDW Games
Stand and Die: The Battle of Borodino, 1941 – GDW Games
Galactic Destiny – Golden Laurel Entertainment (AUTOGRAPHED!)
Stonehenge, an Anthology Board Game – Titanic Games (AUTOGRAPHED!)
Cluzzle – North Star Games
Conquest of Pangea – Immortal Eyes Games (AUTOGRAPHED!)
The Red Dragon Inn – Slugfest Games (AUTOGRAPHED!)
Pit Fighter: Fantasy Arena – Cheese Weasel Logistics (AUTOGRAPHED!)
Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine Game – Mayfair Games

Card Type Games:
En Garde! – Slugfest Games(AUTOGRAPHED!)
Kung Fu Fighting – Slugfest Games (AUTOGRAPHED!)
X-Machina – Blood and Cardstock Games (AUTOGRAPHED!)
Nuclear War: 40th Anniversary Deluxe Edition (in tin box) – Flying Buffalo Inc. (SIGNED AND NUMBERED 94/1000)
Dragon Storm Role Playing – Black Dragon Press (10 decks and 2 boxes of booster packs PLUS 2 more boxes of Kanchaka Campaign, expansion set booster packs)
Magic the Gathering Boosters (10 packs Guildpact, 10 packs Dissension, and 1 box of Planar Chaos)
Flowers and Fluxx – Looney Labs

Books and the like:
Fantasy Imperium, an Interactive Storytelling Game of Historical Fantasy – Shadowstar Games (AUTOGRAPHED!)
Fellowship of the White Star: Legacy of the Rosecorrected actually from Thenodrin Presents
Dungeon Masters Guide (Core Rulebook II, v.3.5) LEATHERBOUND!! – Wizards of the Coast
Pirates of the Spanish Main – Studio 2 Publishing (AUTOGRAPHED!)
Hollow Earth Expedition: Pulp Adventure Roleplaying Game – Exile Game Studio
Archaic: Winter Children – Graphic Novel donated by Spewgilist.com (AUTOGRAPHED!)

Other Game Related Items:
Hollow Earth Expeditions: Gamemaster Screen – Exile Game Studio
Crown of the Kobold King, Gamemastery Module – Paizo Publishing (AUTOGRAPHED!)
Pit Fighter: Fantasy Arena Expansion Sets Two and Three (extra cards to add to the game I assume) – Cheese Weasel Logistics
Conquest of Pangea Expansion Set – Immortal Eyes Games (AUTOGRAPHED!)
Pirates themed Card Coffin – Cheese Weasel Logistics (AUTOGRAPHED!)
Dragonfire RPtiles: Monster Tile Set - Dragonfire Lasercrafts

Decorative Stuff:
Wooden Box burned with “WARNING: TOUCH BOX AT OWN RISK” (presumably donated by the Dragonfire Lasercrafts)
Framed Original Concept Drawing along with the completed card of “Going Underground” from the game Nature of the Beast - Eye-Level Entertainment (AUTOGRAPHED!)
2 Limited Edition Prints from Nature of the Beast – Eye-Level Entertainment (Signed and Numbered, both 2/25)
Colour Print of “Hymn to Tourach” by Susan Van Camp
Rolled, Uncut, Complete Nuclear War Card Set – Flying Buffalo, Inc.
Limited Edition Print, Exalted: Jasara – White Wolf Game Studio (numbered 315/500)

And the Last Few Things:
World of Darkness Development Team Tshirt, size XL
Gift Certificate for 50 Dollars to spend at geeklabel.com
5 “Five Dollar Off purchase” certificates from ccncomics.com
Gift Certificate to pick up a “Free, autographed, first addition (sic) of the game, Skrall!”

And oh yes, one more little thing….

In a box labeled “Assamite Assasins Dagger” with a price tag of $199.99 on the side. A really neat, sharp, etched with mystical symbols, carved handle Kukri Dagger.

So WHEEEEEEEE!! That’s all the games I won. I won’t even bother to list the ones that I bought for myself. (at least not tonight!)

Thanks Cheese Weasel! And thanks to all the folks who donated the games. And thanks to ksatyr and kdsorceress who went around and did the big con game with me. And WOW!!
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