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Inanities for Kat

For the last two days, I have worked harder than I usually do. I've been cleaning Alys's room in hopes of creating another guest room, but also because I just can't stand the mess anymore.

I started out by taking everything that was in the drawer under her bed and put it all in a couple of boxes to take up to the attic. There were treasures in there, I'm sure, and junk, and everything in between, but for now, they will go elsewhere.

After I finished that, I started in earnest, gathered up the mysterious clothes, that I'm certain I had washed for Al before she left for college, but that were strewn around and emptied and repacked her dresser. Also, I hung all the clothes that belonged on hangers but were lying on the floor of the closet or the room. Somewhere around that point, I texted Al to ask if she was missing anything that I should bring with me when I drive out to Maryland next week and started looking for specific things.

After two days of lots and lots and lots of work, I can safely say that I'm *almost* done. The room needs dusting, and sweeping, and a bit of mopping, also, I've yet to put sheets on the bunk beds... On the other hand, the floor is completely clean, EVERYTHING that was lyign around is now put away in the drawer under the bed, and a large pile of random stuff has been removed and is now waiting to be put away in the assorted proper places... piles of dvd's, silverware, books that I thought were lost, and assorted small things that just didn't belong where they'd been. As I look at it all, I know that if I did the same job in my own room, I'd turn up a bunch of things out of place there as well. Maybe I'll get to that one eventually. Three days ago, I started with the guest room and it's looking pretty good. Now Alys. Tomorrow, I work on Niko's room, but since he's still home, I don't have as much I can do. He'll be moving out soon and I'll work hard on the room then.

Tonight we had steak, all my muscles hurt from all the lifting and moving and shoving stuff around I've been doing. I will relax and enjoy my steak and revel in the fact that one small space in my home is under control (well it is, if I just get in there and finish the aforementioned sweeping and bedmaking...)

Hopefully I will be at least this efficient tomorrow as well, and can feel as though I can leave for the Challenge Walk on Wednesday completely guilt free.

Hugs and Howls!
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