Werewulf (werewulf) wrote,

House sold?

Okay guys,

Looks like it's some sort of a reality. The buyers actually signed all the paperwork over at 6306 Dry Stone Gate with Pindarus in attendance this morning. Tonight (due to a glitch from a very unprofessional and annoying notary) a *different* notary will be coming out with all the paperwork for me and Rick to sign.

We should have our check by Friday if all goes well tonight and the Maryland house of the Duttons is completely no more.

As soon as the New Year's madness is over with we will look to refinance the house in Park Ridge so that we don't have any large random amounts of money lying around to bother the tax collectors.

Wish me luck, I"ll comment when the paperwork is all the way signed, sealed and delivered. (Or if you're a Buckaroo Banzai fan; sined, seeled and delivered...)

Note for those of you who follow me on Twitter, this will be a duplicate journal entry so that I can catch as many friends as possible.
Tags: house, moving
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