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Question about your thermostat

Hey all,

The new house has temperature zones. Now that the worst of summer is over here in Chicago, it's time to start thinking about winter. Of course as always, I like it way too cold and Rick likes it way too warm, so I figured I'd check in with everyone else and see what you keep your thermostat at.

I'm looking for your regular setting for Winter and for summer.

If you have a programmable thermostat, do you change the temp during the day when you are out of the house, if so, by how many degrees?

If you go away on vacation, do you change your thermostat or do you just leave it on your regular settings?

It was a glorious 55 degrees last night. I kept the window next to my bed open all night since Rick was in Copenhagen, gotta close it soon and start warming up the house before he gets home in an hour or so!
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