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That Toddlin' Town

So after way too many adventures, here I am in Park Ridge, Illinois, just north of Chicago.

The last few days in Maryland were insane to say the least. The movers took two full days to pack everything, and when they were gettting set to leave on the second day, we found three or four spots that had been missed. No worries, they said they'd just pack them before the loaded the truck....

I got a call from the moving company on Thursday night asking if they could bring the truck over on Friday (loading was beginning on Saturday) and I said sure, but bring it before 3 since we have a lot of neighbors who park on the street and we'd need to be sure there was room. So right about 9 AM this HONKING big truck showed up. Rick and I got Shadowfax and the Catbus out of the garage and they parked the truck in front of the house, blocking the garage. Friday night and Saturday morning we loaded the van with tons of stuff that needed to go to the dump, most especially a couple of pieces of furniture which were only hanging on for as long as we had stuff piled around them keeping them from falling over. In case you're curious, we lost the computer desk that Alys uses and the games cabinet in the sunroom. Stephen's parents came over and helped load my van and then drove out to the dump with me and helped me offload so that I could get back to the movers quicker.

By Saturday evening, we had an entire table full of stuff that had been missed in the packing (actually a SECOND table since the movers had packed the first batch right away when they arrived in the morning) and the movers told us not to worry, that everything would make it on the truck and then they left. They came back Monday morning and loaded ALL DAY LONG, but the truck was locked and headed away at 5:30. Dangerous timing because I needed to get my cable modem and boxes returned to comcast which closed at 6. I drove like a (very sedate) maniac and managed to return the boxes in time... phew!

Every day for the last few, we had bunches of friends come by to hang out. Monday night was no different. I had thought we'd relax a bit, but the poor folks who were there found themselves trying their best to keep a frantic Werewulf from going insane while we looked at the ENORMOUS pile of stuff we'd kept out (or the movers had refused to move) and tried to figure out how it would all fit in the van. We played tetris for a while with the lowest level of stuff but finally I thanked everyone and said it was bedtime... the plan was to get up at 4 AM and start on the road to Chicago by 5.

Oh that alarm came early!! I wouldn't have gotten up promptly, but kdsorceress was spending a final night with V and tolkienkookad's boyfriend was coming to see her off, so up I got and headed to the shower.

We were planning to leave air mattresses and bedding since the girls and I will be returning to Maryland the last week of June for Girl Scout daycamp, so we collapsed the bedding and put it away in the linen closet. And then the friends started showing up! You know you feel loved when your friends come over at 4:30 in the morning to say goodbye to you. We had the entire Holt family, Jeremy, macaroniandtuna, Stephen and his dad, and Alex. Everyone helped load up the cats into the cat carriers, stuff the remaining things into the van and then waved us farewell as we headed out of the garage.

And so the drive began.... (I'll do another post soon about the drive out here, this was a lot of writing!)
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