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Fine Living

One nice thing about the time I've spent at Rick's fabulous apartment in Park Ridge, it's pointed out a few things to put on my list of what I'm looking for when we buy a new house.

Like, the counters in Rick's apartment are just a bit too high, they're beautiful, but I have to stand on tiptoe to spit in the sink when I'm brushing my teeth. That seems silly and I'm not sure I would have noticed the problem if I wasn't living in the apartment for a few weeks.

Also, there's only one towel bar in Rick's bathroom and really no room for two because of the fabulous shower and the AMAZING tub (and to be honest, I'd rather have the great shower and tub, but it'd be nice for both me and Rick to be able to hang up our towels at the same time.)

While we were on the road back, we stayed at a Hampton Inn that was being remodeled with all new stuff, the bathroom had one of those nice wooden square hole things with towels rolled up and placed inside each slot, then a towel bar hanging underneath. I got to thinking that THAT'S what I really want. To have a nice enough place that my guest bathroom has a fancy schmancy thing to hold towels. So what's that thing called and how can I find one for sale on the internet. I can't seem to find anything like it on my initial google searches.

Other things I KNOW I'm looking for in a house... I finally had a chance to use a good programmable thermostat and it worked great, I think I want one of those.

Even though Kat hated the lights in Rick's apartment I really liked them. Just about all of them are the type that you can set the level of dim, then when you turn on the light it cycles up from dim to whatever you set. It's so much nicer than AUGGHHH BRIGHT when you turn on a light.

So those of you who are living in houses... what features do you wish you could change if you bought a new house today, what features can't you live without? I think I'm starting a real live no kidding around list for when we start house hunting in January or so...
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