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My Online Class and Poetry

I have spent the summer so far, taking an online English course because my goal is to actually finish my AA in General Studies from Howard Community College before we move to Chicago next year.

The course is online because of working at Girl Scout daycamp at the beginning of the summer and because the fam and I have travelled to Chicago to visit Rick and see the world I"m gonna be living in after May of 2011.

Anyway.... we've read short stories and plays and have now moved on to poetry. Each week, we have to write a journal entry for the teacher's eyes only about the things we have read that week, then we have to do an online posting answering random prompts that the teacher posts. We also have to respond to our classmates, at least two responses per question. This is theoretically designed to get a good solid discussion going, although to be honest, most of my classmates are unbelievably stupid and it's sometimes a chore to find anything erudite to say when responding to their posts.

So like I said, we've moved on to poetry and I've already turned in the poetry journal that was due this week and I moved on to the online postings. One of the prompts was to write a poem similar to What a Poem is Not by John Hegley. I had a great time writing the poem in a way to hopefully drive my classmates crazy. Kat suggested that I post it here. So for your random enjoyment, my poem for my English class:

Not Is Poetry

A poem is not a palindrome, yet Doppelganger shows me wrong,
A poem is not onomatopoeic, but the words buzz, ping and zip along.
A poem is not eponymous, but heroes Aeneas and Beowulf may disagree,
A poem is not thersitical, but look at Decorum and see what you see.
A poem is not Ragnarok, although this one ends abruptly,
A poem is not a yashmak,
Yet any Recondite student can Turn to Esoterica and Obfuscate through Poetry.

I admit to being a lover of sesquipedalian words and used this unmercifully when given the instruction to “have fun.” If any of the words in my poem give you trouble, I recommend a visit to dictionary.com for definitions.

Poems referenced in my poem:
Doppelganger by James A. Lindon
Decorum by Stephen Dunn
also, the Aeneid by Virgil and the epic saga of Beowulf whose author is long lost in the sands of time.
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